TEDTALK Revolution and Your Solution: Vanessa Timmons

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What would you have a revolution about?

When I think of revolution I think of a sudden and abrupt change in the norm. With my definition in my mind, my choice of revolution would be world peace.


1. Name the problem.

The problem would be that there is not world peace. It is not that peace does not exist at all. It is more so not being enough to function in the world peacefully.
2. What group is affected?

People of all ages are affected.
3. What is the demographical group?

People of all races are affected.
4. What is the social economic group involved?

Poor, middle, and rich classes are affected. The amount of money does not determine the amount of peace that can be given and received in the world.
5. What are your solutions to the problem?

  • IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM/SITUATION: Once the problem is identified the hardest part is over. Most causes of trials are because people do not want to come to terms with what the problem is.
  • COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS THAT ARE POSITIVE AND BENEFICIAL FOR EVERYONE: This is the easiest part. Surprisingly it can and is difficult more times than not. I do not believe that it is impossible to achieve common ground as people. We must change ourselves before we can change the world. This includes changing our mentality, and most importantly our choices. We must learn to be kind and patient with one another. We as people all possess  common goals, and those include being happy and living productive lives. CHANGE FROM BEING SELFISH TO SELFLESS!!!!


TedTalk for Systems of Adversity: For The Love of Teaching Rusul Alrubail

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“The education system continues to silence and oppress and silence difference.”

“Sometimes our weakest moments in the past define our present and future strengths.”

“Believe in the power of voice, especially student voice.”

“Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your goals, your dreams, your success.”

“Meeting students halfway through understanding, love, and empathy is half of the teaching.”

“Meaningful teaching is not only about the skills and experience, but it also is about what kind of person you want to be.”

“Teaching from the heart is what makes you a great teacher.” -Rusul Alrubail

I took each of the quotes in reference to something that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, EDUCATION. Each moment in life is a learning one. Rusul Alrubail is a testimony to many hardships that students face in addition to attempting to get educated. What I can relate with her about most, is her drive and determination to be more than what people perceive her to be. I can also appreciate the beat of her own drum that she marches to. It takes so much courage to be different. Most people do not have that courage at first. With others it comes naturally. Being able to walk in your truth as a person is a powerful thing. Encouragement is probably the most helpful aspect of her entire piece. Continue to be the best you that you can be. Do not give up on your dreams.  Most importantly educate yourself because at the end of the day, an EDUCATED mind is something that no one can ever take from you.



The Danger of a Single Story/Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie/TED Talks

Watching this video definitely opened my eyes to a perspective I didn’t even think existed. When I think of what I’ve learned from this visual, I think of a quote. “Out of sight, out of mind”. When all you know is what you constantly see and hear and the information you’re seeing and hearing is inaccurate, it leaves room for stereotypes and misconceptions. That’s why being exposed to different vantage points and ideas allows your “truth” to become more than just what someone thinks or says. When you expand your horizons you won’t have to make an educated guess about certain situations. You will just know. I am guilty of having a one track mind when it comes to certain things and that hinders me as an individual. Now it isn’t a matter of what I don’t know. Something I am very passionate is peace. I do not think that it is impossible for the world to exist that way. The question is what am I going to do to ensure that I gain different perspectives so that I won’t have just a single story. How will I be able to conquer world peace without an open mind? I encourage all to strive to be the best people we can be to others. It makes life a lot simpler.



Life, as most of us know, consist of many trials and tribulations. Things do not always go the way we plan. The worst part is planning and things are still unpredictable. Sometimes life happen so quickly and you are unable to grasp whatever it is that is thrown at you. Many times I feel like I will not make it through certain tasks. Many times I feel as if the theoretical plate I hold is too full. Many times that plate IS full and I continue to add to it because I am that type of person. I am that person that is hard working. I am that person that is dependable. I am that person that seems to have it together on the outside despite what is going on inside. However, when is it ok to be who you are for yourself?



Today a gentleman told me to always see the positive in every situation. For me that has been difficult lately. My mother always tells me that everything happens in seasons. This just happens to be one of the not so great seasons. I know that I am not the only person on earth with problems and complicated circumstances. So I know that seeing the positive in anything is hard when those things are the most prevalent. In order to determine whether or not you can excel in “being” positivity, you have to at least try.  Try when people expect you to stop trying. Try when things seem impossible.


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I look at life as beginning to something every day. Good, bad, or indifferent, each day is a gift. So we as a population should embrace our gifts, and prosper to be the best individuals we can be. My page will consist of views and facts related and unrelated to music. It can be expressed and seen in different ways because everyone is unique in their own way. Music’s moments is a place where myself and others can be a part of a worldwide movement  in  literal and technical ways. There are often times when I don’t know exactly what to say. There are times when I won’t know how to express my thoughts effectively. What’s important is that on my blog everyone has the option to freedom of speech. Everyone has a voice. Let yours be heard!!

Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?!?! -Malcolm X

Malcolm X makes a very valid point in this video. Evil is born not created. Hating yourself is not something you are born knowing to do. Somewhere down the line someone or something was said or happened that made it ok to hate yourself. Who or what made it ok to think of anything less than the best for yourself. What you have is what you have.  You have to be confident in who you are as a person. You have to strut your stuff. You have to own what you have because that is how your name and brand will get out there. When it comes to the black economy or economy in general, owning yourself makes it better. You’re able to be more successful with careers because you have a plan and you know how to work your stuff! Hate is a very strong word. To hate something or someone is extremely harsh because hate should be the epitome of all things terrible. So hatred is a very uncanny way to think of yourself. One good thing about feelings is that they can change. If you hate yourself it does not have to be a permanent thing. Learning to replace hate with love is the best thing you can ever do. It will teach that love conquers all things. It also teaches you that love can be difference between life or death with you. There are plenty instances where learning to love yourself kept someone from suicide or kept killings from happening.